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Extending eZ Find: How to specify minimum relevance values using Solr frange queries

eZ Find, the enterprise search extension for eZ Publish and wrapper for the Apache Solr search engine, is a highly performant alternative to manually searching through databases. We recently extended eZ Find to support Solr frange queries, and specifically to support minimum relevance values.

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Building an accessible website: How to create accessible forms

By Dave Fearnley  | November 29, 2016  |  User experience, Web solutions

Forms are an integral part of many websites and pose unique challenges related to making these interactive elements accessible to all users. 

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Building an accessible website: Writing accessible alt tags for images

By Dave Fearnley  | November 28, 2016  |  User experience, Web solutions

Creating alt tags that conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) ensures all of your readers can have access to your website's images. Here's a look at how to create effective alt tags for accessibility.

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It’s time to secure your website: Chrome enforces deadline for HTTPS

By Lisa Manfield  | October 25, 2016  |  User experience, Web solutions

Does your website have account logins or have e-commerce functionality? If so, you’ll want to ensure it runs on the HTTPS protocol by January 2017.

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