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At Mugo Web, we value teamwork, flexibility, efficiency, and balance in our employees. Our team is made up of highly capable developers with broad experience over the full stack, from databases and file systems to CSS and JavaScript. All of them can play dual roles: development and project management. This allows us to support a project with a single and continuous point of contact and bring in other Mugo team members to address workload and specific requirements.

This also helps us provide the best possible service to our clients. Not only do they get the benefit of our collective expertise, but the security of knowing there’s always someone on hand to provide stellar and informed customer support. Our team is truly international. We have members in Australia, Germany, Brazil, United States, and Canada. We collectively speak 14 different languages.

A world map showing approximate locations of Mugo team members. There are pins in Australia, Germany, Brazil, Kentucky, California, Ontario, Albert, and British Columbia.