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Mugo Web has developed sites for an award-winning news publication, book publishers, libraries, a major US network TV show, a major museum, an international financial institution, a travel agency, a hospital, and more.

We are expert programmers and are known around the world for our work with Ibexa DXP. Most of our clients are in Canada and the USA, but we have long-term clients internationally as well. We are by far the most active Ibexa DXP contributors in North America and recognized leaders in the Ibexa DXP community. We observe development best practices and write our code with an eye to long-term longevity and support. We hone our core web development skills across the entire stack and keep up to date with web trends.  That said, we do not push shiny new technologies to our clients without being able to back up the business relevance.

Some of what we do:

  • Front-end HTML/CSS optimization
  • Data migration and import
  • Workflows for e-commerce, publish approvals, multi-uploads, user logins
  • Integration with external systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, JW Player, and much more
  • Server setup and troubleshooting
  • Multi-language, multi-site setups
  • ONIX and publisher data solutions
  • Web accessibility (following the WCAG 2.0)

We are calm and conscientious people and business partners who listen, and are friendly and polite. Our staff is comprised of 12 developers. We do all our development work in-house and do not subcontract or out-source development work.

We work on a mix of new, "from scratch" projects and ongoing, long-term maintenance work. We count on new projects evolving into long-term relationships, and even if that doesn’t mean significant ongoing work for us, it is very important for us to achieve the level of satisfaction and comfort that leads to continuing relationships.

Many of our clients operate their websites as the primary part of their business. We understand the business side of projects (not simply because we run our own business) and regularly provide business consulting to our clients. We are more than just technology geeks and are often the first point of contact when our clients have ideas.

Our project team philosophy is that we have a minimum of two developers assigned to a specific project, with one playing more of the traditional "project management" role. However, it has been key to our success and our client satisfaction that every project member is a developer and every developer can be a project manager, so that the client always has a direct contact who understands the technical side of the project as well as the business side of the project.

Mugo's Values

Mugo supports an equal, inclusive, and peaceful society. We choose kindness first. We do not support activities that discriminate on race, gender, language, religion, or disability, or that promote societal division or disrespect the law.

We value honesty and facts. Disinformation is dishonest and should not be promoted.

At work, Mugo team members support each other with continuous opportunities for learning, challenge, and personal growth. We communicate openly, and value trust, fairness, and stability. We like to keep things professional but fun!

Mugo communicates directly, honestly, and professionally with our clients. We strive to develop friendly, empathetic, and long-term relationships. We provide the benefit of an external perspective while making recommendations with our clients’ best interests in mind. We believe that if we put the client first and respect their time and money, this results in a win-win partnership.

About Ibexa DXP

Ibexa DXP is an Enterprise Open Source Content Management System that is backed by an actual company (rather than just a community) and that has been a market leader for 20 years. Ibexa’s commitment to supporting Ibexa DXP provides some significant advantages over other open source CMS’s. This includes integrity of vision of the core functionality of the system; for example, in Ibexa DXP all the managed content is supported by a single architecture.

It is fully open source and is implemented on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. Some features that distinguish Ibexa DXP from other open source CMS’s include: seamless integration with the Apache Solr search engine; freedom from extension dependency problems, likewise, problems with extensions not being compatible with future versions of the core application; and core features such as the Page Builder which supports editorially managed page layouts.

Several of our ongoing clients are "rescues" in which we have inherited an existing website from a developer no longer willing or able to maintain it, and because of the nice engineering in Ibexa DXP we are able to quickly master these systems and provide efficient support.

With Ibexa DXP we routinely build sites that are:

  • performant: We support some very high traffic, high availability sites (see our portfolio for some examples)
  • flexible: Once an Ibexa DXP site is properly set up, content owners have a high level of opportunity to adapt and change their site. This is a key development goal for us since we understand that website owners don’t want to be hand-cuffed to their developers.
  • responsive: We are skilled in most aspects of web development - certainly those that matter - and can provide significant server and client-side optimizations, and we have experience with proxying systems such as Varnish or the Akamai CDN.
  • diverse: We have built sites achieving a diverse range of requirements including large membership lists, large bodies of content, e-commerce components, and complex user experiences, all on Ibexa DXP.