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Digital Publishing ebook

Are you leaving digital opportunities on the table?

Magazines are successfully tackling multi-channel publishing with quality content and innovation

And a lot has changed for magazine publishers in the last two decades. The static web pages of the ’90s have evolved into today’s dynamic, responsive multimedia sites. But content remains publishers' bread and butter. 

Magazine eBook

The challenge for magazine publishers today is to move beyond the print-first model and develop content that engages readers and creates revenue opportunities across multiple digital channels.

Our ebook, Digital publishing’s evolution: from website to multi-channel, details how successful publishers have met this challenge and grown their businesses, even in an era of declining traditional advertising revenue.

The comprehensive ebook covers:

  • Paywalls and subscription revenue
  • Native advertising & sponsored videos
  • Content syndication
  • Online classifieds
  • Event promotion
  • Digital marketing programs

We also illustrate how a well-designed content structure and CMS platform can grow with your publishing business as you turn online challenges into opportunities.

Download your free copy today.