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Is Your Website Accessible to People with Disabilities?

Almost 20 percent of North Americans have a disability that may affect the way they experience your website. This can interfere with their ability to navigate your site, consume your content, fill out a form, or make a purchase.

And as the population ages, more of your web visitors will suffer declining sight, hearing, and mobility which will affect their experience on your site.

Having an accessible website is now the law in many places, and in the next several years, accessibility legislation will become more stringent.

We can help ensure your site meets accessibility guidelines

Here’s how we can help ensure you’re not shutting out potential website visitors:

  • We’ll review your approach and accessibility goals: We’ll ask questions like whether you’re planning a site redesign or working with an existing site, and what level of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines you’re planning to implement. Then we’ll develop a methodology and plan to audit, remediate, and maintain your site accessibility-wise, as well as communicate the results and ongoing efforts with the public.
  • Assist with stakeholder buy-in: We strongly believe in the merits and benefits of an accessible website, which extend well beyond reaching people with disabilities. We would be happy to help you build a business case to present to your organization’s leaders.
  • Perform an accessibility site audit: We’ll work with your tech team and content creators to build an in-depth understanding of your site’s structure, content, and functionality. We’ll conduct a site audit for issues such as colour contrast, screen reader compatibility, and text alternatives; and generate a report organized with the full WCAG criteria list to give you everything you’ll need to proceed with remediation work.
  • Implement, or assist with implementing, a site remediation plan: We can implement the remediation plan, or we can provide support and QA work alongside your tech, content, and design teams as they carry out the accessibility implementation.
  • Provide accessibility training: We can train your content, design, and tech teams on key accessibility remediation tasks such as adding “alt” tags, captions, and transcripts, as well as on the development and implementation of technical and editorial guidelines to ensure ongoing conformance with the latest accessibility guidelines.

Making the web more accessible to people with disabilities is an area we’re passionate about.

Contact us to chat about your web accessibility needs.

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