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Migration from WP Engine to AWS leads to significant savings for client

Recently, Mugo Web helped our long-time client, Soko Media, migrate their hosting infrastructure from WP Engine to AWS. While WP Engine can be a decent solution for some business models, it wasn’t adequate for an enterprise of this size. Soko was having performance issues on their sites and needed a more robust solution.

Advantages of AWS over WP Engine:

  • Ability to run more instances. Having more cloud dev opportunities and a staging site in a separate environment from production leads to greater stability.
  • Developer control over git and deployments.
  • Full control of the stack including mysql tweaks and custom VCL.
  • Better analytics. AWS has a full suite of analytic services with a focus on cost savings.
  • No random updates. WP Engine has a history of pushing through unplanned updates that had the potential to break the site.

AWS is proving to cost Soko less than a quarter of what they were paying for WP Engine, and the migration immediately improved performance without having to make any changes to the code.


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Helping clients get the most out of GA4

The switch from Universal Analytics to GA4 has been a learning curve for everyone. While many things remain similar in the new interface, the differences can be confusing. We’ve had the opportunity to help several of our clients make the transition between the services and are continuing to help them make the most of the new features available in GA4.

A new solution for meeting room management in public libraries

Oldham County Public Library needed help managing their meeting room reservations and came to us, their development partner, to build a solution that fit their needs. Together, we created a system that works seamlessly within the Mugo Library platform.

Features of the new meeting room management system:

  • The easy-to-use public calendar shows available times for new reservations, but no personal, patron information.
  • A clear backend approval process allows administrators to approve, reject, or move reservations and send auto-responses to patrons.
  • Tiered permissions that let desk staff securely access reservation information.
  • Staff can reserve times and rooms for internal use and events through a simplified process that saves time and bypasses the approval requirements.
  • Landing pages for rooms are fully customizable, including hours of availability. 
  • New rooms can easily be added, or removed, to fit seasonal schedules and requirements of the library.
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Developing this alongside OCPL helped us hone in on the unique needs of libraries. The solution launched for OCPL earlier this month, and we’re already working with two more library clients to add this feature to their upcoming new sites.


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