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Alberta Gymnastics Federation Insurance Claim Portal

How an insurance claims web app can enhance your business

Giving association members the ability to submit insurance claims online saves time and money for the Alberta Gymnastics Federation. Here we'll take a look at the insurance claims submission web app we built in eZ Publish / eZ Platform. 


Custom fatal error message for eZ Publish (legacy)

Until some time ago, it was necessary to hack the eZ Publish legacy kernel in order to customize its generic error message, "Fatal error: The web server did not finish its request". This error occurs on all eZ Publish installations whenever there is an HTTP 500 status server error. It is a very common error; some examples of how it's triggered include: trying to access the value of a non-existent object attribute; the use of a non-existent PHP class or function; and too much memory usage.

Now, since this pull request from Mugo has been merged to the eZ Publish kernel, we have made it possible to customize the error page without hacking the kernel. In this post I will show you the new standard way to do this with a simple INI setting and your own PHP function.

Saved searches

Saved searches and e-mail alerts in eZ Publish

A powerful addition a normal site search is for registered users to be able to save their searches, share the searches with others, and create customized e-mail alerts. This adds a deeper level of interactivity with the site and encourages users to regularly return to the site.


Viewing eZ Publish content objects by content class


If you've ever had a hard time finding certain content objects in your eZ Publish installation, just because browsing was a pain, then this extension is for you! The Mugo Content Class Manager helps you look through all content objects using the content class of the objects, not their location in the content tree.

This means that if you need to look through, say, the latest 10 articles on your eZ Publish system regardless of their location, you can easily do that using the new Mugo Content Class Manager. Do you need to find a blog post with a specific title and you`re not sure which folder it`s in ? Just list all blog posts and sort them by name in the Mugo Content Class Manager. This blog post talks about the Mugo Content Class Manager extension and how you can install it and use it on your eZ Publish system.


Multi-class single attribute fetch for eZ Publish

It is a reasonably common use case to fetch a list of content objects based on a common attribute implemented across multiple content classes. For example, to fetch all articles, blog posts and comments published by a given author. Certainly one could do multiple fetches and then massage the result sets together, but that's a lot of work. In this post I'll create a custom template operator (which is not the same as a custom fetch function, although the latter might be a better extension if one were a fan of doing things 'semantically') The operator will do the fetch with one SQL query. And I hope to shine some light on the eZ Publish db schema around objects, along the way.