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Terminal Input Broadcast

By: Benjamin Kroll | February 20, 2024 | developer tools

Typing the same instructions into multiple terminals at the same time is a great trick when you have a group of servers that have the same or similar configurations. 

Input broadcast features allow the user to enter text across multiple terminal sessions at once. For example running commands, or modifying files.

This functionality comes in handy whenever there is a need to perform a task more than once, or when a task should be performed at the same time across multiple terminal sessions. For example, features updating server configurations, or restarting services in sync.

Terminal applications across different platforms have this functionality, but the names of the features may differ.

A few examples for macOS, Windows, and Linux are:

iTerm2 (macOS)

Shell > Broadcast input > (choose an option)

Windows Terminal (Windows)

Command palette > Toggle broadcast input to all panes

tmux (Linux)

:setw synchronize-panes on

xfce-term (Linux)

Edit > Copy input to all tabs