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Building an accessible website: in-page navigation

Accessible in-page navigation provides a way for website visitors to jump straight into the main content on your site and access different sections of the page quickly, without having to tab through every link to get there.

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Why web accessibility is more art than science

No matter the audience or the industry, every web development project has to balance design with functionality, resources with requirements, and wants with needs. But ensuring that your website is accessible to all members of your target audience can add unique requirements that demand novel solutions from your development team.

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Building an accessible website: Links

By Dave Fearnley  | February 23, 2017  |  Web accessibility

Links are the pathways that bind the web and give it structure. For people with accessibility challenges, perceiving and understanding the links on your website is of utmost importance.

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Understanding your web accessibility audience

Before you embark on a project to make your website accessible to people with disabilities, it’s critical to understand what such a large and varied audience really looks like -- and what they need from your site.

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