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Does Scrum deliver an Agile website?

My experience working for an enterprise-level website using Scrum methodology for Agile development has been enlightening. Does Scrum work? That depends on many factors!

Mugo Web employee reaches the summit

How Mugo's corporate culture leads to happier employees

Mugo Web puts emphasis on keeping its employees connected -- through good times and bad.

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Is Mugo big enough and stable enough for your web project?

This year, after 10 years of steady growth, we reached the milestone of having 10 people on the Mugo Web team. And yet, in early sales discussions, we continue to face concerns about our size and stability: "How can I count on you still being there next year?" We've had to prove that we compare well against -- and outlast -- competing web development partners with hundreds of employees. Inherent to the Mugo story is a long-term, stable team, and our small size is one of the reasons our clients choose us.

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3 tactics for programming tests

I have a short list of suggestions for people applying to programming jobs and who have to do a programming test. I am driven to make these suggestions after watching a lot of programmers applying at Mugo: I am a programmer myself, but I am in the position of judging candidate's efforts on the basis of a business owner or project lead.

Essential tools for a web development team

Essential tools for a web development team

A Mugo developer's toolbox is packed full of tools. Big tools, small tools, new tools, old tools. We don't care if they're shiny or use all the latest buzzwords to describe their functionality. Much like the solutions we build, we care that they work, and work well.

Here's a brief look at our favourite tools to work with.

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Physically separated but tight-knit: how to succeed as a distributed team

It's 9am on a Monday morning; do you know where your team members are? For most companies, there's a straightforward answer to that question: they're in the office, at their desks. That's not the case at Mugo, but not just because we offer flexible schedules and treat work/life balance seriously. It's because we're a distributed team, which is an essential part of what makes us a good team.

Mugo Web New Westminster

Mugo office in New Westminster!

In early 2015, we decided to trade in our downtown Vancouver office for a new Mugo HQ in downtown New Westminster (30 minutes outside of Vancouver)! Although the main motivation behind the move was to have a more central location relative to Mugonites' homes, we've been very pleased with the surrounding area and amenities.

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Mugo news: April 2012

The start of 2012 has been full of exciting events for Mugo, with customer site launches, extension releases, eZ Publish community initiatives, tutorials, and more. Here is a list of what we've been up to lately.


Why Mugoers like working at Mugo

Mugo Web is not a large company that offers perks such as an indoor gym, a company hockey pool, a big travel budget, or a fridge stocked with fresh fruit and snacks every day (although we do our best on an individual basis to share good food with each other!). That said, we love working at Mugo, for reasons that might not be so obviously communicable on our website. Here are our raw responses to an internal e-mail thread that asked "What are 3 things you like about working at Mugo?"

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Growing again

We're still growing. This is becoming a theme.


2009 Mugo year in review

2009 was a busy year at Mugo, and we were actually a bit surprised to find that we had worked on over 40 different websites and web applications. eZ Publish has enabled us to provide a wide variety of powerful and flexible web solutions. Before 2010 speeds by, we'd like to take a moment to look back at a sampling of the types of solutions we've built (and continue to build), as well as a few other successes from the past year.



Finding the right people to add to your company is hard. In some ways we are very picky and in others we are super flexible. But we're looking and if you or someone you know might be interested - Let us know!