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2009 Mugo year in review

By: Peter Keung | January 13, 2010 | Work at Mugo

2009 was a busy year at Mugo, and we were actually a bit surprised to find that we had worked on over 40 different websites and web applications. eZ Publish has enabled us to provide a wide variety of powerful and flexible web solutions. Before 2010 speeds by, we'd like to take a moment to look back at a sampling of the types of solutions we've built (and continue to build), as well as a few other successes from the past year.

  • High performing: sites using content delivery networks, the Varnish web accelerator, and eZ Publish's multi-level caching system
  • Multi-site: a system running dozens of eZ Publish websites on one install
  • Multi-language: several sites that support multiple languages at the content level, editing tool level, and template level, as well as supporting a right-to-left website display
  • Integrations: payment gateways (PayPal and Beanstream), Salesforce, ExactTarget e-mail, Google Maps, Google Analytics
  • Media: integration with Brightcove video delivery, ad servers
  • Data migration: managing the importing and exporting of hundreds of thousands of content objects, ranging from encyclopedia content to crowdsourcing auctions to video libraries
  • Finance: a time- and timezone-sensitive financial auctioning system, with invoice generation, an internal messaging system, whitelists and blacklists for bidders and sellers, and a login system similar to online banking
  • Workflows: custom user logins and registration, delayed publishing, content expiry, multi-uploads, custom edit handlers, WYSIWYG Online Editor customizations
  • E-commerce: several webshops, state-based tax considerations, custom account handlers, coupons, bestseller lists, pay-per-download
  • User interaction: Twitter integration, Star Rating, ShareThis, custom RSS feeds, forums, intranets and extranets

Other 2009 Mugo successes

New team member

Near the end of 2009, we looked to add another full-time developer. It was a long, tiring process with a lot of good candidates. Benjamin Kroll was the last person we interviewed and we were happy to discover that he was clearly the one we were looking for.


When you're busy with client work, your own website is often at the bottom of the priority list. However, we managed to find the time to crank out a new, simple but efficient, which lets us showcase a bit of what we do and also has this blog where we can share our thoughts.

eZ Publish trainings

As long-time eZ Publish experts, we flew out to deliver 5 on-site eZ Publish trainings, helping other development teams and content managers to realize the power of this Content Management System.


This may seem cliché, but it's true: we've enjoyed interacting with our clients as much as implementing their technical solutions. Thanks for a fun year!