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Why Mugoers like working at Mugo

By: Peter Keung | March 12, 2012 | Work at Mugo

Mugo Web is not a large company that offers perks such as an indoor gym, a company hockey pool, a big travel budget, or a fridge stocked with fresh fruit and snacks every day (although we do our best on an individual basis to share good food with each other!). That said, we love working at Mugo, for reasons that might not be so obviously communicable on our website. Here are our raw responses to an internal e-mail thread that asked "What are 3 things you like about working at Mugo?"

  • There's always someone who can help.
  • Good challenges are available.
  • We're aggressive about getting better and understand the process of learning.
  • eZ Publish is a good platform to work with.
  • We're transparent to clients; our "pitch" is more about who we already are rather than trying to represent something we're not.
  • Internally, we make a distinct effort to cut out as much politics and administrative red tape as possible.
  • We're trusted to be experts, and we step up to that by always honing our skills and not pretending if we're unsure.
  • We're all developers with expert knowledge in web development and eZ Publish in particular.
  • No non-technical or management staff to deal with.
  • A small team with big (name) projects, which means we're trusted by large clients and can focus on these kinds of projects instead of having to deal with 100's of '5 page websites' at once.
  • Flexible work environment.
  • There's always a chance to extend your knowledge and co-workers to help you do just that.
  • I think the fact that everyone is highly technically skilled is what I value at Mugo.
  • On pretty much every project, we're trying to do things the proper way, which is not only worth it in the long term but also very satisfying personally.
  • The fact that we're working in a team that has a very high knowledge, particularly of eZ Publish is great because you know that you can always get the best advice from co-workers to do something the right way.
  • International team
  • Very efficient company
  • Good people to work with
  • Family-oriented