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Create your own Firefox search engine plugin

Do you frequently use the Google, Wikipedia, and other search boxes in Firefox, typically in the top right of the window? Ever wanted to add your own for a site that isn't on the directory? Here's a quick and dirty guide to creating your own Firefox search engine plugin, using the search as an example.


Cross-siteaccess internal links in eZ Publish

Among the many advantages of hosting multiple sites on the same eZ Publish installation is the ability to create internal links. eznode:// and ezobject:// links preserve the accuracy of the generated URL links even when content is moved around or renamed within any of the sites. (Of course, you can also use such links even when you host only one site.) However, out of the box, eZ Publish is not siteaccess-aware when generating cross-siteaccess links. For example, if your site is contained within the subtree /sitea and your site is contained within the subtree /siteb, internal links from to would end up linking to "" instead of "". While the user can be redirected with rewrite rules, it still creates a confusing user experience. Here's a simple solution jointly developed with another eZ Partner Granite Horizon that results in generated links that are siteaccess-aware.


Custom eZ Publish VAT handler: state- or province-based taxes

For us, the introduction of the HST in BC means more complex cross-province tax rules. For our software service we previously charged all Canadians 5% GST. Now we must charge our customers a different tax rate depending on the province that they live in. Thankfully, with eZ Publish as our webshop platform, we were able to quickly implement a custom VAT (value added taxes) handler.

Ada Lovelace, the first programmer.

Growing again

We're still growing. This is becoming a theme.


2009 Mugo year in review

2009 was a busy year at Mugo, and we were actually a bit surprised to find that we had worked on over 40 different websites and web applications. eZ Publish has enabled us to provide a wide variety of powerful and flexible web solutions. Before 2010 speeds by, we'd like to take a moment to look back at a sampling of the types of solutions we've built (and continue to build), as well as a few other successes from the past year.

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Translating eZ Publish websites: a simple tool for template/script translations

eZ Publish is well-known as a Content Management System with built-in multi-language features. To present different translations of pages, eZ Publish uses 3 major components: content translation, content class translation, and template / script translation. In this post, we will explain these 3 components and introduce a script to help translate strings in templates.



Finding the right people to add to your company is hard. In some ways we are very picky and in others we are super flexible. But we're looking and if you or someone you know might be interested - Let us know!