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Trading automatic failover for really good manual failover

A couple of months ago we made the decision to stop using mysql-mmm on one of our client sites. We had been burned by a couple of incidents where automatic failover had caused more problems than we had imagined it would solve. Data ended up being written to the wrong server a few times, causing a bit of a nightmare to merge the forked database after the fact. Although we had other concerns about mysql-mmm, a major factor in our decision was our assessment that in our specific case of assigning MySQL master-slave IP addresses, human-triggered manual failover was essentially as good as automatic failover, and carried much less unexpected risks.


Twitter tip: Prompting users to follow you after they Tweet

There are many variations to social media strategies to suit particular client sites and goals. Some implementation details, on the other hand, are universally applicable. One such detail is a Twitter feature whereby a user is prompted to follow your Twitter account whenever they share your content.


Selling Pay-Per-Download Products

Many products -- PDF books, songs, and online games, among others, are well suited for a pay-per-download workflow. In such a case, customers buy products online and receive immediate access, without requiring any action from the seller. Mugo Web has written an article outlining how eZ Publish provides a framework to quickly set up pay-per-download products.