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Selling Pay-Per-Download Products

By: Peter Keung | August 11, 2009 | Business solutions

Many products -- PDF books, songs, and online games, among others, are well suited for a pay-per-download workflow. In such a case, customers buy products online and receive immediate access, without requiring any action from the seller. Mugo Web has written an article outlining how eZ Publish provides a framework to quickly set up pay-per-download products.

A pay-per-download setup is a good example of just how flexible eZ Publish is.

The article covers many eZ Publish concepts, including:

  • payment gateways
  • eZ Publish API
  • workflows and extensions
  • templates
  • content classes
  • permissions

As the article is a bit too long for a blog post, we've provided it freely as a PDF download :)

Download the Selling Pay-Per-Download Products article

Download the Selling Pay-Per-Download Products example extension

Thanks to Lukasz Serwatka for the technical editing on the article!