Blog» Building employee training quizzes with eZ Publish

Building employee training quizzes with eZ Publish

We recently added "quiz" functionality to eZ Publish by extending the eZ Survey extension. The purpose of this functionality is to enable companies to create "on-boarding" quizzes for new hires to learn about company policies and benefits.  This was part of a larger intranet implementation.

The technical implementation involves a new eZ Survey question type, "Question / Answer", where an editor can create questions with multiple choices and specify the correct answer.

Back end edit interface

Front end question view


Front end result screen that shows the quiz results

eZ Survey is one of our favourite eZ Publish extensions. It is a generic solution for collecting information from users and includes a framework for compiling and exporting the results. You can use it to create simple forms, RSVP forms, surveys, and quizzes. We've created many different eZ Survey questions types and released them as part of Mugo Survey Addons. Among the other question types we've created are:

  • Matrix: a multi-dimensional, multiple choice question type
  • Page break: for displaying paginated surveys
  • Country: a dropdown list of countries
  • State: a dropdown list of USA states and Canadian provinces
  • RSVP code: the user must type specific text in that field before the form is accepted

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