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Why better online content management leads to more book sales

By: Lisa Manfield | January 16, 2017 | Business solutions and Web solutions

As the plot thickens on book sales trends (with paper books now making a solid comeback and ebook sales on the decline), one thing that hasn’t changed is readers’ thirst for content.

A recent blog post on ReaderBound highlights exactly what readers want: a digital experience that feeds their desire to build deeper connections with their favourite books and authors, and content that facilitates the discovery of new favourites.

For book publishers, the conclusion is simple: not only is a great looking, dynamic, and user-friendly website full of new content critical to engaging readers, it’s also key to online discoverability.

According to Booknet Canada’s The State of Digital Publishing 2015, missing content affects discoverability, which leads to a loss of potential sales. “Factors that may be contributing to the lack of sales for some titles are discoverability issues—which could result from missing metadata in publisher ONIX feeds, such as cover images, descriptions, and reviews….”

The good news is, book publishers are already in the content business. And with a solid content management system, it’s easier than ever to import book metadata, upload images, and create new content that keeps readers engaged and coming back for more.

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