Encyclopedia of British Columbia



KnowBC.com is the home of the Encyclopedia of BC -- the source of readable and authoritative information on the significant BC people, places, and things. Originally a bestselling book, the encyclopedia is now available exclusively online, with over 4,000 entries and enhanced by images, maps, charts, tables, and sound and video clips. KnowBC.com is also the home of 5 other west coast online books.

Mugo Web created a framework based on eZ Publish so that editors could manage all of the books on a single eZ Publish instance. Migration work for the Encyclopedia of BC involved creating a logical structure into which previously hand-coded and updated articles could be automatically imported.

Among the key features of the new KnowBC.com are dynamic, content-rich layouts with eZ Flow, intuitive and powerful searching with eZ Find, and a whole raft of single sign-on scripts to handle seamless logins from schools and universities.

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