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An rx for quality medical content online

By: Lisa Manfield | October 6, 2016 | Business solutions, Case study, and Web solutions

With more than one-third of Americans using Dr. Google to search for medical information online, and one in every 20 Google searches related to health information, there is undoubtedly a need for quality medical content on the internet.

New York-based International Association of Healthcare Professionals recognized that need and looked to Mugo to help it build a website, FindaTopDoc, that would not only provide superior medical content, but also link that content to specialists in the areas in which readers were seeking information.

To combat the issue of low-quality and duplicate medical content that plagues the web, Mugo built a plagiarism checker for FindaTopDoc editors that enables them to easily ensure the content they publish is unique and well researched.

Read our case study on FindaTopDoc to learn how Mugo worked with the International Association of Healthcare Professionals to build a top site for medical research, reviews, and bookings.