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Mugo Web and Royal Columbian Hospital modernize emergency department shift evaluations

By: Peter Keung | March 24, 2015 | Business solutions and Web solutions

Mugo Web and the Royal Columbian Hospital / Eagle Ridge Hospital emergency departments have created an online shift evaluation system now in use in 5 emergency departments across the region. The system is called Online Daily Evaluations and is being used at Royal Columbian Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, Victoria General Hospital, and Kelowna General Hospital.

Hospital emergency departments are incredibly busy but also very important learning environments. Traditionally, daily evaluations are done on paper, a system inherently cumbersome and unreliable. The switch from paper to an electronic format has made an enormous change in efficiency and compliance.

Online Daily Evaluations enables attending doctors to evaluate trainee doctors (and vice versa) at the end of every shift. The system sends out automated notification and reminder e-mails while protecting the anonymity of evaluators. It has a rich set of reporting and exporting capabilities and personalized dashboard views. The system supports mobile devices: attendings and trainees can submit requests and enter evaluations with their smartphones or any other device.

Online Daily Evaluations iPad

"With the shift from an all-paper system to an online system, not only has it greatly reduced the administration burden for my team, but it has also increased compliance rates from 60% to 95%. We are incredibly pleased with it," explains Dr. Caroline Tyson, an Emergency Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC.

"The emergency physicians at Royal Columbian Hospital had been discussing such a system for 6 years. We just had to come in and implement their vision, and we're happy to help improve the process at the end of intense emergency department shifts," says Peter Keung, Managing Director at Mugo Web.

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