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Send automated email reminders to attendees with Mugo Web’s library event notification feature

By: Bethany Morse | May 3, 2022 | automation, Libraries, User experience, and engagement

Promoting events and managing attendee registrations is one of the key ways a modern website supports a public library's educational mission. Here at Mugo Web, we’ve developed a comprehensive Custom Event Registration System that lets library staff schedule recurring event series, create waiting lists for popular programs, and even manage sign-ups for multiple children from one family.

That’s a lot of scheduling information for both librarians and patrons to keep track of! To help with this, we recently added an automated email reminder feature to our public library website framework that helps registrants remember their upcoming events and helps library staff adjust for any late-stage changes. This “push” reminder is in addition to the useful ability for patrons to download reminders directly to their calendaring software, a feature already built into our event calendar.

Automated email with all the details

Let’s say you create a library event for next month and set an attendance maximum of 20. The event generates a lot of interest, and patrons sign up as soon as you announce the event on your site and through social media. Since then, you’ve been focusing on the event and coordinating all the moving pieces. As the event draws closer, you wonder if everyone who signed up weeks ago still remembers and intends to come. It would be great if you could quickly send out an email reminder to all your attendees, particularly since you have a few patrons on the waiting list who would be happy to fill any vacancies.

The automated email reminder feature does just this. Twenty-four hours before any event, our system will automatically send out an email reminder with helpful information such as time, date, location, and a link to the event page on your site. The additional link allows the patron receiving the email to cancel their registration if their plans have changed since signing up. The email event reminder feature can be turned on by default depending on how your website is configured. Library staff can alternatively choose to activate reminders on an event-by-event basis. The mail is auto-generated and sent by the IbexaDXP, the content management system on which we’ve built our public library site framework.

Screenshot of email reminder detailing event details of test, including contact information and link to cancel registration.
Screenshot of sample library event, includes dates, time, location, and registration status.

This feature is a great solution for all involved. Patrons get reminders about upcoming programs, people on the waiting list get more opportunities to participate, and you’ll have a clear idea of exactly what you need to plan for to have a successful program.

Always innovating to grow with your library

We’re always adding new and innovative features to our websites here at Mugo Web. If you're interested in learning more about our events registration system, check our case study about the Oldham County Public Library, and contact us to set up a demo.