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Mugo is a talented, experienced team of web developers, with passion and knowledge about implementing web technologies to suit organizations' and people's needs.

We are a diverse team with a blend of skills and strong work ethic. We also absolutely love what we do, and have a consistently satisfied client base.

Doug Plant

Client Engagement Manager

Doug has a degree in Math from UWaterloo and one in Physics from UBC. He's programmed all over the map (and off it too).


Peter Keung

Managing Director

Peter is a walking eZ Publish encyclopedia. He loves coding with the techies, then explaining it to the non-techies. He has also written and edited articles, documentation, and books about content management with eZ Publish.


Philipp Kamps

Developer and Project Manager

Philipp has a strong background in PHP and Free Software / Open Source. He has been the project lead on some of the most creative and demanding eZ Publish and PHP projects.


Benjamin Kroll

Developer and Project Manager

Ben mainly works with PHP and JavaScript but loved his numerous encounters with ColdFusion which is, despite vicious rumours, not actually dead. When not programming, he hones his blacksmithing craft.

Ernesto Buenrostro

Ernesto Buenrostro

Developer and Project Manager

Ernesto has been coding in PHP since it was called "PHP/FI". He has a passion for Open Source technologies and programming, and has built and maintained enterprise websites using the Symfony framework. Ernesto has a degree in Information Technology (aka Telematics Engineering). First and foremost, he likes to focus on making customers happy!

Thiago Campos Viana

Thiago Campos Viana

Developer and Project Manager

Thiago has a degree in Computer Science and is getting another one in Math.  He has been working with eZ Publish since 2006, has been nominated for several eZ awards, and won "Core Contributor of the Year" in 2013.

Betsy Gamrat

Betsy Gamrat

Developer and Project Manager

Betsy believes eZ Publish is the best content management system available and wants to share it with everyone. She has many years of experience with PHP, JavaScript, Dojo, jQuery and loves working on the web.


Zak Greant

Business Advisor

Zak has spent the last 14 years building little parts of the Net, from individual websites up to advising and helping manage the organizations that build important pieces of Internet technology and infrastructure. He has contributed to the PHP project, MySQL AB, eZ Systems, the Mozilla Foundation and the Open Source Initiative.

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