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Business of Apps

The B2B site Business of Apps helps app developers understand and connect with their marketplace.

Business of Apps is a B2B site run by Soko Media, a media company serving the app industry with news and resources designed to help app developers understand their marketplace and source new partners, suppliers, and leads.

Newsletter integration

Soko Media came to Mugo looking for a newsletter integration solution for one if its WordPress websites. It had been creating its daily newsletter using a time-consuming manual tracking and content compilation process. 

Mugo developed a MailChimp-compatible newsletter template in WordPress that automated content output for editorial and ads.

The template includes:

  • A date filter for post selection
  • Multiple categories of content including news, downloads, and directory listings, including custom post types
  • Automatic rotation of ads and partner listings

WordPress site migration

Soko Media then required a merger of two of its websites with overlapping content and retained Mugo to implement the merger. This involved:

  • Migration of thousands of pages
  • Content mapping and adjustments to content categories and tags
  • URL structure mapping and adjustments
  • Internal link updates using custom PHP scripts and the WordPress XML-RPC API
  • Preservation of custom post types
  • Implementation of traffic redirects
  • Preservation of accrued SEO value and page rank

Ongoing development work

Mugo continues to provide support and development work for Soko Media. We have developed an analytics data layer for ad click tracking, and provide other ongoing site improvements as needed including debugging, widget enhancements, style consolidation clean-up, and more.

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