eZ Publish training

eZ Publish is a powerful but complex system. In addition to being the lead development team on many client projects, Mugo Web can also train your team on eZ Publish. We can teach you best practices; share techniques that you weren't even aware of; and we can be your expert sounding board to confirm what you know.

Mugo Web has given eZ Publish trainings across Canada and the United States, from helping end users learn the editing interfaces, to helping new development teams get started with eZ Publish, to sharpening the skills of intermediate eZ Publish developers. We are certified eZ Publish developers and some of the most experienced trainers in North America. We are patient, friendly, and knowledgeable, and we enjoy teaching eZ Publish.

Mugo Web can deliver trainings on-site or online. If you only have one or two participants, we can also help to coordinate a group session with other companies.


We can give courses geared towards the following:

  • Developer: Teaches you eZ Publish concepts such as content classes, objects, and nodes; and the usual ways of extending the system through template operators, template functions, custom modules and views, and more.
  • Administrator: Learn how to manage your system, starting from its first iteration through its entire life cycle.
  • Extension-specific: Get the most out of front page media extension eZ Flow, enterprise search engine eZ Find, and the eZ Publish JavaScript and Ajax framework eZ JS Core.
  • Version-specific: Find out about new development tools, best practices, and changes whenever a new eZ Publish version is released.

We can also prepare even more specialized training topics on specific needs. Here are some examples:

  • Data migration: We have written the leading data import tool and have done several successful migrations addressing a range of issues.
  • Performance tuning: Tuning eZ Publish is an art and a science. We have lots of experience with this and can show you how to maintain the tuning of your site, or your clients' sites while we actually tune up a specific instance.
  • Payment gateways: The eZ Publish webshop can be connected to any payment gateway that has a web API. Some examples include PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Beanstream. We can walk you through some examples and also help you with more complex setups such as subscriptions and pay-per-downloads.
  • Template training: Customizing templates is a great way to customize the look and add lots of functionality in your site. You do not need to be writing PHP to extend eZ Publish. Writing templates is highly efficient – just a few lines of template code generates powerful changes in your site.
  • PHP land: Learn how to create your own powerful extensions to eZ Publish, such as workflows, template operators, modules and views, cronjobs, and extended attribute filters. We can show you how to make the best use of the eZ Publish API, and give you an intro to eZ Components – the powerful PHP library that comes with every eZ Publish installation.

Please contact us to set up a training or if you have any questions.

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