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On-demand webinars for public librarians

These free webinars are presented by Mugo Web as a service to the community. If you have any questions about the content or want to suggest a topic for a future webinar, feel free to reach out and let us know.

Current webinar topics

Designing a website your patrons will love

Originally presented 3/19/24 in partnership with Library Journal

Your website is essential to your library. It’s your first line of communication with the community, a
digital branch that may have more traffic than your physical spaces. You want your site to be welcoming and accessible. How do you prioritize design that supports your brand, showcases your services, and is user-friendly to both staff and patrons alike?

In this webinar, you will learn about best practices in industry design standards and hear a case study from Haliburton County Public Library on progressive UX design implementations. You’ll also be introduced to tools and practices that help you understand how your patrons use your site, and how that data can best be used to inform future design choices.

Good UX design is good customer service! It’s time to get started on a website design journey that will lead your patrons to fall in love with the library all over again.

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Introduction to digital accessibility for public libraries

Originally presented 11/28/2023

Learn about digital accessibility best practices and how to make your website easier to access for your patrons. This webinar covers: 

  • Industry guidelines for accessible websites
  • How different disabilities affect how individuals interact with websites
  • Free tools to aid in accessibility audits
  • Implementable changes you can make to your current site to make it more accessible

How to audit your website

Originally presented 4/18/2024

You know your website needs work, but what exactly needs to be improved? Before you start a new website project, thoughtful auditing can help point out issues with accessibility and usability and help inform the scope of needed improvements. Learn more about the web auditing process, including: 

  • Best practices for analytic tools like GA4 and Microsoft Clarity
  • Free tools to assist with accessibility audits
  • How to run user group studies on a budget
  • How to use audit data to build buy-in from funders for a new website project

How to write an RFP for web development projects

Originally presented 5/14/2024

You know you need a new website, but before you can start the project you have to go through the Request For Proposal process. Beyond the legal requirements, what does this project look like for your organization? How do you structure your RFP to get the best possible responses? What can you do to make sure you get successful bids for your project? The team at Mugo Web will help answer these questions and more, and talk about what the RFP process looks like from the developer's side.