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Mugo ESI

Mugo ESI is a framework to enable you to embed ESI widgets into your eZ Publish 4.x / legacy website.

These widgets will work behind Varnish or another reverse proxy that supports ESI. If you are accessing the site without Varnish for testing purposes, it will load the widget using Ajax in order to ensure that it is loaded dynamically. In the future, we might add support to make a direct module view call.

In short, Mugo ESI comes with a template operator that will detect, based on the presence of a Surrogate-Capability request header, whether to support ESI.

Your actual ESI widget is a module view following the pattern: /esiwidget/view/(widget)/widget_name

The TTL of your widget can be set in your custom PHP function or in an INI file.

Download and contribute to Mugo ESI on GitHub: