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Mugo Calendar

Drive user engagement with full-featured event listings

Publishing single or recurring calendar listings on your website is easy with the Mugo Calendar.

A user-friendly form invites submissions of simple and complex event recurrences, and makes them a snap to manage, edit, and post.

The Mugo Calendar is currently available for integration with eZ Publish and eZ Platform websites. A WordPress plugin can be created upon request.

Front-end features:

  • Submit a one-time event or recurring series of events (individual listings indicate that event is part of a series and enable the user to access other events in the series)
  • Set single occurrence or multiple recurrences (ie: Every second week on Sunday plus every month on the last Monday) using a plain language widget
  • Display event listings in calendar or list view, daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Display related content, such as articles or company profiles
  • Create SEO-friendly event information pages
  • Search events
  • See event date, time, location, website, and next occurrence if it’s a recurring event
  • Add event to your personal calendar (Apple / iCloud Calendar, Google, Outlook,, or Yahoo!)

Back-end features:

  • Edit and publish user submissions without any re-input required
  • Receive notifications when new content is submitted to your site
  • Manage and update exceptions:
    • Access all event exceptions in one back-end location
    • Override event location if location changes
    • Skip a date in recurrence if event is cancelled
  • Make use of any meta data required -- location, images, participants, minimum age, etc.

Check out some examples of the Mugo Calendar in action:

"Our online events calendar is one of the most visited pages on our website. People look to us for the most up to date information on what’s happening in Downtown New West, and we use it often to promote our membership. We needed a better way for members to be able to submit events to our calendar, and for us to be able to input and approve events on the back end. The tool Mugo Web came up with, particularly with recurring event submissions, has saved us a significant amount of time and allowed us to better manage our events calendar on a daily basis." -- Kendra Johnston, Executive Director, Downtown New Westminster Business Improvement Association

Contact us for a demo or get more info about the Mugo Calendar.