Extensions & Tools

Our love for solving complex problems drives us to come up with some pretty neat solutions.

We're not just implementers of eZ Publish; we're committed to helping it grow.

Whether it's extensions or actual contributions to core code, helping to improve the platform we work with day in and day out comes naturally.

Committed to the core


commits to the eZ Publish Core (and counting!)

Our daily immersion in eZ Publish code often results in enhancements and optimizations that make our dev cycles that much easier. When we come up with a particularly brilliant idea, we make sure to let the eZ Publish community know.

It's great to see your code committed to the core - you no longer have to implement it yourself!

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Extending beyond the limits

We can make eZ Publish do some pretty neat things:

This extension achieves a similar goal of delayed publishing to the wait until date workflow built-in to eZ Publish.

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The purpose of this extension is to import data from a given data source (like XML / CSV documents) into the eZ Publish content tree. This extension licensed is under the GPL.

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We've developed some cool stand-alone applications too.

eZ Publish is really great, but we're connoisseurs of the entire web too! We're just as comfortable coding web apps from scratch or even contributing to other open source initiatives.

Lecture Evaluations

Administer, track, and report on lecture evaluations in one easy-to-use online portal

Online Daily Evaluations

Streamline student evaluations in your hospital


PExOD is a custom-built application to support small to medium book publishers.

Judgment Interest Calculator

Automatically track court-ordered payments


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