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eZ Publish vs Drupal, and the eZ community in the US and Canada

By: Peter Keung | October 16, 2012 | eZ Publish community

On Thursday, October 25 at 9am PT / 12pm ET, the eZ Publish Americas community will be hosting two presentations: an introduction to eZ Publish 5 and Symfony; and a comparison between eZ Publish and Drupal. This is the second episode of a regular presentation series, and one of several initiatives of the community.

The eZ Publish Americas community gathers online and in-person, and currently hosts in-person meetups (of which there were 3 in 2012), monthly code share calls, and monthly general calls to discuss new developments in the eZ community and for general events planning. It is an open group centered around the eZ Publish Enterprise Content Management System; all are welcome to join, participate, and help organize. The Meetup page is used as the organizing hub. If you're new to eZ Publish or a long-time user, come check it out!

In addition to the Meetup grroup, you can also get involved with the eZ community in various ways:

As for the next presentation event, it is streamed and recorded live via YouTube, and will feature the following topics:

Topic 1: eZ Publish 5 and Symfony (Nicolas Pastorino, VP of Community, eZ Systems)

We will, in 15 minutes, shortly tour the brand new eZ Publish 5 architecture, how it integrates in the Symfony 2 framework and how content edition works. We will also give you useful pointers to following-up on eZ Publish 5's fast-paced evolution.

Topic 2: eZ Publish & Drupal (Joe Kepley, Director of Development, Blend Interactive)

Comparing and contrasting these two popular PHP-based open source content management systems.

See here for more information: