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Accessibility ebook

Are you shutting out potential site visitors?

Millions of people encounter obstacles to navigating websites that don’t conform to accessibility standards

Navigating the web is an activity many of us take for granted. But for people with disabilities, accomplishing simple tasks online -- like clicking links and filling out forms -- can present numerous challenges.

Accessible websites are required by law in some places. And they just make good business sense:

  • Reach all of your potential online buyers
  • Make sure your website is as accessible as your building
  • Maximize your online audience
  • Give your stakeholders full access to the information they need 

Our ebook All-inclusive: A beginner’s guide to the art and science of website accessibility covers the basic steps you can take to give you access to millions of potential site visitors with disabilities.

All-inclusive. A beginner's guide to the art & science of website accessibility

The ebook covers:

  • Why accessibility is important to your business
  • Understanding your accessibility audience
  • The screen reader experience
  • Development tools
  • Using your content management system to your advantage 

With attention to specific implementation criteria:

  • Navigation menus
  • Contrast
  • Alt tags
  • Links