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Why an accessible website benefits your business

By Lisa Manfield  | September 06, 2016  |  Business solutions, User experience

Ensuring that people with visual, auditory, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities can access all of the content on your site -- whether it’s text, images, video, audio, and even forms and checkboxes -- is good business practice.

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Building an accessible website: how to make toggle boxes screen-reader friendly

By Ernesto Buenrostro  | August 25, 2016  |  User experience

Making your website accessible to people with visual impairments involves ensuring that screen readers effectively communicate all essential information to the user -- including information conveyed in toggle boxes. Here's an example of a toggle box that needs to be made accessible. Let's walk through how it's done.

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MailChimp newsletter template tool for WordPress

When it comes to creating newsletter campaigns, you have to compile the content and then send that content out through an e-mail marketing service. Having a content management system helps in order to structure your content and automate the creation of the newsletter HTML. Here's an example of a newsletter integration with WordPress and MailChimp.

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How to create custom tags in eZ Publish 5

By Ernesto Buenrostro  | March 10, 2016  |  eZ Publish development tips

Custom tags are very useful for adding custom functionality to rich text fields beyond simple formatting and embeds. Here is a walkthrough of how to implement custom tags in eZ Publish 5.x compared to an eZ Publish 4.x / legacy install.

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