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An introduction to fetching content in eZ Publish 4 and eZ Publish 5

By Ernesto Buenrostro  | April 28, 2014  |  eZ Publish development tips

Fetching content in eZ Publish 4 (the "legacy" stack) and eZ Publish 5 (the "new" stack) follow many of the same principles, which is not surprising since the data layer is the same for both versions. You typically have a parent node or location and a set of filters. User permissions -- especially bypassing those permissions -- is often a consideration. In this post we'll explore how to fetch content in the legacy and new stack (as of eZ Publish 5.2).

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Using VirtualBox to install and test eZ Publish 5

By Thiago Campos Viana  | February 18, 2014  |  eZ Publish development tips

Using virtual machines when developing eZ Publish websites have been useful in 2 main ways (if not more): working in a different server environment than your current machine and standardizing the dev environment for a team of developers. At the moment, I have Ubuntu 13.10 installed as my main operating system, and from time to time I need to work with some older eZ Publish versions that require PHP versions older than Ubuntu 13.10's default; in fact, the oldest eZ Publish version that I can run out of the box on Ubuntu 13.10 is eZ Publish 4.7. I don't like the idea of installing another OS just to work with an older eZ Publish version; that requires creating another partition, configuring grub, and so on. Using virtual machines enables me to work within another OS inside my main OS. That way I can work on a standardized environment specific to each client, while continuing to use my favorite base OS and tools. In this tutorial, I will describe how to install and configure Oracle VirtualBox to create virtual machines that run eZ Publish.

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Rackspace Performance Cloud benchmarking on eZ Publish

By Peter Keung  | November 25, 2013  |  Business solutions, Case study, Site performance

Rackspace recently released their newest generation of cloud servers, called Performance Cloud Servers. Unlike previous new releases, they've made a compelling case to upgrade existing cloud servers, as the "Performance Cloud" servers are cheaper, more powerful, and they use SSD storage. We decided to run some performance tests on an existing eZ Publish site, and saw between a 10-100% performance increase under high loads. 

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SMS services still deserve attention despite the rise of smart phone apps

By Peter Keung  | September 26, 2013  |  Business solutions, User experience

Countless presentations are made daily about the ubiquity of smart phones and the new, groundbreaking uses of smart phone apps. However, in many cases, humble text message services can be more useful and efficient.

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