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Stamping PDFs with a watermark in eZ Publish

When running an intranet or an otherwise password-protected site, you sometimes need to share confidential or sensitive files, specifically PDFs. It is a challenge to balance the confidential nature of the files while allowing privileged users to download and work with the files normally. One lightweight approach is to stamp a watermark onto each page of the PDF. Instead of just a big "confidential" watermark you can customize each download so that each file is stamped with, for example, the current user's name and the current date.

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Mugo office in New Westminster!

By Peter Keung  | December 29, 2015  |  Work at Mugo

In early 2015, we decided to trade in our downtown Vancouver office for a new Mugo HQ in downtown New Westminster (30 minutes outside of Vancouver)! Although the main motivation behind the move was to have a more central location relative to Mugonites' homes, we've been very pleased with the surrounding area and amenities.

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First draft preview in eZ Publish 5

By Peter Keung  | December 15, 2015  |  eZ Publish development tips

The eZ Publish 5 series has been a successful step forward for eZ Publish with the adoption of the Symfony stack and the ability to run dual kernels with the new and legacy stacks. However, content preview functionality has gone through many fixes through the 5.x version. The final fix comes in eZ Publish 5.4.5, which is very important since eZ Publish 5.4 is a milestone release that will be used as a stepping stone for upgrades through to the 6.x series aka eZ Platform! Here's how to update your code to make your editors happy with proper content preview!

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Online Daily Evaluations: a walkthrough of emergency department shift evaluations

By Peter Keung  | December 02, 2015  |  Business solutions, Case study, Web solutions

With the Online Daily Evaluations portal, student (or "trainee") doctors and attending doctors can easily evaluate each other after every hospital shift. This ensures that mandatory reviews are completed and that students get the most out of the learning experience. In such key environments as emergency departments, doctors and patients can appreciate every bit of efficiency! Here is a brief walkthrough of how Online Daily Evaluations works.

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