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We're Mugo Web

And here's some of what we like to do...

  • Publishing / editorial workflows
  • Content syndication
  • New technology implementation
  • Concept exploration

We're a group of web experts that solve complex web problems (mostly with eZ Publish!)

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Our Latest Solutions

The Christian Science Monitor is the most visited eZ Publish site in North America.

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Rasmussen Reports

Rasmussen Reports is a content-rich information hub, with millions of page views each month.

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We've worked across North America and around the world.
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We're champions of eZ Publish

We used to be known as eZ Enterprise Open Source Corporation — the North America office of eZ Systems (the people behind eZ Publish)

Our name has changed, but one thing hasn't: our unwavering dedication and commitment to eZ Publish.

Our Tweets

We like to tweet about what we're working on, about eZ Publish, and about other web dev tips and tricks!
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December 16, 2014
Audit logs in eZ Publish: this should be turned on for most sites! No more "who deleted my article?" #ezpublish
December 05, 2014
We'll be at this marketing event in New York on Tuesday put on by @eZSystems and @cmswire See you there?
December 03, 2014
Saved searches and e-mail alerts (Google Alerts style) in eZ Publish #ezpublish
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