Blog» eZ Publish workflows: multi-language, collaboration, and scheduled publishing

eZ Publish workflows: multi-language, collaboration, and scheduled publishing

By Philipp Kamps  | August 25, 2014  |  Business solutions, eZ Publish add-ons

Mugo's eZ Collaboration Workflow extension has been released for a few years now. We've been able to make continuous improvements over time to solve different and more complex client needs. Here's an update on some of the recent new functionality around multi-language workflows, editing other users' drafts, and scheduled publishing.


Clients running multi-language sites often require approval workflows for new content translations. With eZ Collaboration Workflow, we can configure dedicated translators, reviewers and approvers per language. Items in the workflow can be filtered by language, and whenever an item moves through the workflow, the system can send e-mail notifications to related users and user groups.

Mugo has added two new features:

  1. Batch publishing of multiple translations. If you have multiple translations of the same page in an approval workflow, you often want to release the translations, once they are approved, at the same time. Different users can review the page translations separately and "queue" the translations for publishing. Once all translations are queued, an editor can publish all translations at once.
  2. Batch export and import for translation agencies. Editors and translators can work directly in the eZ Publish Administration Interface. However, sometimes content needs to be translated outside of the content management system. With eZ Collaboration Workflow, you can export all or some of the content to an XML format the external agency can work with. When the translation XML file is returned, the content can be re-imported into the system. From there, the translations can be run through the workflow process for review and approval.

Editing other users' drafts

By default, users cannot edit other users' drafts in eZ Publish when the content is in the workflow. Instead, they have to "reject" the draft and send a note back to the original writer. With eZ Collaboration Workflow, if a reviewer needs to make a change to another user's draft, they can click a single button that brings them straight to edit mode. The reviewer can immediately make the required changes and then send the page for publishing or on to the next step in the workflow.

Scheduled publishing

In eZ Publish you can schedule a page to go live at a future date. eZ Collaboration Workflow takes this one step further by enabling you to schedule different versions of a page, so that updates can automatically go live at specific times.

What are your workflow needs in eZ Publish?

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