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eWEEK (formerly PC Week) is the flagship publication of QuinStreet Enterprise.

eWEEK is the flagship publication of QuinStreet Enterprise. Originally PC Week when it launched in 1983, it now covers technology news, enterprise IT trends, and reviews of new tech products in a variety of digital formats.

Just as the tech industry evolved since eWEEK’s early days, so, too, had the publication’s web requirements. eWEEK needed the ability to adapt to both reader and advertiser needs, but its aging, custom-built content management system was preventing it from doing so.

From an advertising perspective, eWEEK needed to be able to create new advertising products quickly and easily in order to test different ad formats and lead generation models.

Editorially, eWEEK needed the ability to appeal to readers with new and innovative content formats in order to generate website traffic. Its editors required the ability to publish content quickly, and to leverage it in multiple locations throughout the site without a lot of additional effort. And they wanted to shift away from a reliance on IT staff for changes to the website, with a system that could empower editors to accomplish the majority of their tasks without technical assistance.

eWEEK brought Mugo on-board to build a new content and ad management system based on eZ Publish.

Better content, faster

Mugo built a new website for eWEEK that enables:

  • Automation: Content is automatically showcased on a variety of pages, sidebars, lists and other access points to increase views and clicks
  • Flexibility: Editors can easily change and add content categories, customize sidebars and rebuild page structures, without technical support
  • Speed: In a matter of minutes, content or sales teams can create a microsite for an advertiser to showcase content and generate leads
  • Variety: Editors have the ability to produce a wide variety of content formats including articles, blog posts, videos, and digital events like scheduled online forums