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Hootsuite is the world's most widely used social media relationship platform.

Hootsuite's website had been created by great organic growth, but as their company and needs matured, they sought out an enterprise content management system. It needed to be scalable, enable quick content changes, support many integrations, and bring together multiple departments. They chose eZ Publish as the CMS and Mugo Web as the principal implementation team.

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Together with the Hootsuite marketing team, Mugo built a framework independent of the Hootsuite product stack to support future growth and content management best practices so that the website could be a lead generation machine.

Mugo did the following at Hootsuite:

  • Installed eZ Publish 5 on the Symfony2 framework and Twig
  • Set up a multi-language framework for French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish (Latin America), and Spanish (Spain)
  • Set up multi-currency pricing on product pages
  • Implemented a translation workflow where content was exported to a translation agency and then re-imported
  • Created rich text tools for editors to create tabbed content, grids, image carousels, and other sophisticated layout elements
  • Configured an editorial workflow with content staging
  • Enabled editors to control SEO fields, URL paths, JavaScript tags, and site menus in the back-end
  • Enabled multi-upload media asset management
  • Migrated several microsites into a single CMS to manage events, webinars, a careers page, press releases, a media kit, product pages, and more
  • Installed the website on an Amazon cloud architecture with Varnish and a MySQL database master-slave configuration
  • Configured Ansible and Vagrant for server deployments, development, staging, and production environments, and distributed development

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