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Vancouver bus schedules via SMS and voice

A 10-digit number that provides bus schedule information via text messages to complement TransLink's NextBus service.

Version: stable

Update: After 4 years and thousands of users, we have decided to stop providing this service. We contacted TransLink to give them the code behind it, but did not receive a response.

In Metro Vancouver, text any bus stop number to [xxx-xxx-xxxx]. Mugo's free service sends an SMS back with the estimated next bus arrival times. If there are multiple buses that service that particular stop, users can text the bus stop number followed by the bus route number. There is no cost to use the service except for normal text message costs.

For example, if you text 55612 to [xxx-xxx-xxxx] you will get a response such as this:

[501] 8:20am* 8:35am* 8:50am

The time suffixes indicated scheduled (*), cancelled (C), early (+), and late (-) times.

Add a space and the bus number to your message to get the next buses for that particular stop. 

Text "help" for instructions.

Bus schedules by voice

You can also call [xxx-xxx-xxxx] and it will 1) prompt you to enter your 5-digit stop number; then 2) read you the next buses at that stop 

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