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Online Daily Evaluations

Streamline student evaluations in your hospital

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Does your teaching hospital rely on paper-based course evaluation forms to evaluate students and attending doctors?

Our Online Daily Evaluations (ODEvals) student and faculty evaluation system provides an easier way for hospitals to administer student evaluations such as emergency medicine online student shift evaluations.

  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Save time collecting data, deciphering handwriting, and inputting evaluations manually
  • Increase compliance on evaluation completions
  • Identify problem areas sooner

ODEvals enables attending doctors and students to complete customized evaluation forms through a secure online system, accessible in the hospital on their mobile device, as well as on desktops.

How it works

  1. After each shift, students log in to request an evaluation
  2. Attending doctor receives link via e-mail to fill out an evaluation form
  3. Student also has option to submit anonymous feedback about the attending doctor
  4. Doctors receive automated reminders until they submit their evaluation forms
  5. Administrators can generate reports and track compliance and feedback in order to follow up on problem areas


ODEvals can be customized to fit your hospital’s needs. We can tailor:

  • Evaluation forms: Include a mix of rating scales and open-ended text fields for commentary
  • Workflow: Customize reminders, submission process, scoring, and results tracking
  • Reports: Send copies to doctors and/or students
  • Hosting: Host evaluation system on your hospital’s domain name

Doctor approved

Our Online Daily Evaluation system was developed in partnership with the Royal Columbian Hospital Emergency Department and has since been implemented at several sites in Canada and the USA. Our student evaluation system is CanMEDS framework compliant in Canada and RIME framework compliant in the USA.

Learn more

For more information about our Online Daily Evaluations system, visit the website, read this blog post, or contact us to set up a demo.

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