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Lecture Evaluations

Administer, track, and report on lecture evaluations in one easy-to-use online portal

Version: stable

Does your hospital learning program amass heaps of paper feedback forms in your efforts to ensure lectures are meeting student needs?

Lecture Evaluations lets you eliminate paper forms and manual reporting.

  • Administer online evaluation forms with customized questions and scales that adhere to the CanMEDS framework
  • Track lecture attendance to be used as part of overall student evaluations
  • Tally results and provide anonymized feedback to lecturers


How it works

  1. Students visit their lecture web portal on any device -- mobile, tablet, desktop -- to access list of current and upcoming lectures
  2. There they can fill in an evaluation form or select the option to send themselves a link to the form by email
  3. Once submitted, evaluation scores can automatically be tallied and averaged by an administrator, and comments can be anonymized
  4. Admins can also create and manage lecture listings and user accounts, and filter and sort print-friendly records by lecture and by attendee


Lecture Evaluations can be customized to fit your hospital’s needs. We can tailor:

  • Evaluation forms: Include a mix of rating scales and open-ended text fields for commentary
  • Workflow: Customize submission process, scoring, and results tracking
  • Reports: Send full, randomized, or anonymized copies to lecturers
  • Hosting: Host evaluation system on your hospital’s domain name

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