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eZ Publish Extensions
We have released 17 different extensions to push the limits of eZ Publish.

Mugo Calendar

Drive user engagement with full-featured event listings

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Mugo wkhtmltopdf

Generates the PDF version of a given node using the wkhtmltopdf command line tool.

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Mugo Collaboration Workflow for eZ Publish

A complete approval workflow solution that supports flexible workflows for different parts of your site.

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The definitive command line analysis and reporting tool for eZ Publish

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Data Import

The purpose of this extension is to import data from a given data source (like XML / CSV documents) into the eZ Publish content tree. This extension licensed is under the GPL.

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Mugo Varnish

Using Varnish on top of eZ Publish, you can dramatically increase your site's scalability and general performance.

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Hide Until Date

This extension achieves a similar goal of delayed publishing to the wait until date workflow built-in to eZ Publish.

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Mugo Queue

The Mugo Queue extension is a generic framework for queuing specific tasks in eZ Publish.

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Mugo Survey Addons

Mugo Survey Addons adds more question types to eZ Survey for eZ Publish.

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Mugo Content Class Manager

View objects of a particular content class in the Administration Interface via a new tab "Objects by content class".

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Mugo Validated String

The Mugo Validated String extension adds a "Text Line (validated)" datatype to your eZ Publish installation.

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Mugo Object Relations

The Mugo Object Relations extension adds a new datatype to your eZ Publish installation in order to support cross-reference data to be added to normal object relations.

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Mugo Pay-Per-Download

A framework to sell digital products on your site and provide instant access upon checkout.

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Mugo RSS

A flexible feed-generating tool for eZ Publish

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Mugo Calendar2

With Mugo Calendar2 you can display events in a calendar style similar to Google Calendar.

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Mugo Disk Space

Displays information about remaining disk space on the eZ Publish dashboard

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Mugo ESI

Mugo ESI is a framework to enable you to embed ESI widgets into your eZ Publish 4.x / legacy website.

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