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Client-facing Technical Project Manager

Mugo is hiring a new client-facing technical project manager.

With the right skills and experience, we are open to candidates who are outside of the Metro Vancouver area.

Why people like working at Mugo

  • We work on interesting and challenging projects
  • Our clients trust and respect us
  • Our team is technically skilled and values a high quality product
  • We're aggressive about getting better and understand the process of learning
  • We make time to help each other
  • eZ Platform is a rocking framework
  • Internally, we make a distinct effort to cut out as much politics and administrative red tape as possible
  • We are relatively small but our business is stable
  • We take our work seriously but don't take ourselves too seriously
  • We offer a competitive compensation package and benefits
  • We have regular work-at-home days
  • There is opportunity to travel for conferences and to meet with clients
  • Our office is in a great location in downtown New Westminster with a great view!
332 Columbia Street

What will you work on?

We are looking for someone with web development experience, but who can run projects and interact directly with clients.

Some regular tasks include:

  • First and foremost, working with clients to understand their needs and to propose and develop solutions to meet those needs!
  • Writing specifications and managing projects with both internal and client team members
  • Debugging a website issue when the problem is that the client has done something random in it
  • Debugging a performance problem where the resolution is somewhere in Apache max clients or MySQL max connections - and the canonically general version of this ;)
  • Understanding a client request, validating against a scope of work, and responding appropriately
  • Negotiating and persuading diverse stakeholders to common goals, especially client managers, client developers, and third party agencies of diverse kinds
  • Applying responsive designs to new and existing sites with HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Grunt
  • Retrofitting sites for accessibility according to WCAG 2.0 standards
  • Creating efficient and intuitive content models for editors to manage content and gate content available only to subscribers
  • Creating systems for health care professionals to evaluate each other
  • Setting up and measuring A/B tests
  • Evaluating CDNs and implementing purge-on-publish workflows
  • Setting up e-commerce checkout workflows, including integrations with payment gateways such as PayPal, Moneris, and Authorize.Net
  • Creating publishing workflows to syndicate content to Apple News, Yahoo, ProQuest, AP, and more
  • Helping publishers monetize content with display ads, native advertising, analytics, sponsored podcasts, and sponsored videos
  • Setting up server architecture to achieve redundancy at all levels of the stack: public-facing servers; MySQL master-slave, Solr, shared file system, memcache, Varnish
  • Optimizing cache and clustering configurations

Desired Skills & Qualifications

Soft skills:

  • Self-motivated
  • Conscientious and humble
  • A desire to continuously learn
  • An awareness of what you're good at and where you need to improve
  • Not afraid to ask questions
  • Good listener and communicator
  • Able to relate to other people's needs
  • Project management skills: know when to update your team members; able to work according to project specifications; able to attend to client needs

Technical skills:

  • Comfortable with the LAMP stack
  • Familiarity with PHP frameworks such as Symfony
  • Advanced in PHP and ability to learn a Smarty-like templating language
  • Advanced with HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Nice to have: experience with: reverse proxies like Varnish; load balancers; MySQL master/slave setups 
  • Nice to have: good eye for design

How to apply

First, take a couple minutes to visit our website and read a bit more about what we do.

Then, send a cover letter and your resume to jobs AT mugo DOT ca, using the subject line "I love LAMP".