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An rx for quality medical content online

By Lisa Manfield  | October 06, 2016  |  Business solutions, Case study, Web solutions

With more than one-third of Americans using Dr. Google to search for medical information online, and one in every 20 Google searches related to health information, there is undoubtedly a need for quality medical content on the internet.

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Layout management in book publisher website platform ReaderBound

By Peter Keung  | March 04, 2016  |  Case study, Web solutions

In developing a website platform for book publishers, we wanted to provide fully featured page layouts that publishers can customize. We've built many custom publisher websites, but with ReaderBound it is important to offer ready-to-use widgets as building blocks for editors to organize into their own layouts. By achieving this balance, ReaderBound is a flexible but powerful platform.

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Stamping PDFs with a watermark in eZ Publish

When running an intranet or an otherwise password-protected site, you sometimes need to share confidential or sensitive files, specifically PDFs. It is a challenge to balance the confidential nature of the files while allowing privileged users to download and work with the files normally. One lightweight approach is to stamp a watermark onto each page of the PDF. Instead of just a big "confidential" watermark you can customize each download so that each file is stamped with, for example, the current user's name and the current date.

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Online Daily Evaluations: a walkthrough of emergency department shift evaluations

By Peter Keung  | December 02, 2015  |  Business solutions, Case study, Web solutions

With the Online Daily Evaluations portal, student (or "trainee") doctors and attending doctors can easily evaluate each other after every hospital shift. This ensures that mandatory reviews are completed and that students get the most out of the learning experience. In such key environments as emergency departments, doctors and patients can appreciate every bit of efficiency! Here is a brief walkthrough of how Online Daily Evaluations works.

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