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Mugo Web builds attractive, customizable websites that engage patrons across the full scope of your library’s services and programming.

We work with librarians to build websites that beautifully present events, books, digital media and library news, all based on an easy-to-use web publishing platform that integrates with your catalogue and other key systems.

We deliver extraordinary value through purpose-built websites that save library staff time, drive down operating costs, and remain in service for years.

What we’ve built

We’ve developed a wide variety of site features that are specially designed to meet the day-to-day needs of libraries. These features allow you to manage events and programs in a single, intuitive interface without having to add new third-party tools or relying on complicated ILS modules.

We’re eager to work with your team to find the best solution for your library, and we think our experience and success give us a great head start.

Some of the features we’ve built for librarians include:

Events promotion & registration

Events calendar

Our UX includes several promotional elements to help patrons discover and register for your library’s event programming. Our Events Calendar offers classic calendar and list views, and can be easily implemented on any page in your website. Patrons can also quickly find events via the site’s main search, which is often not the case when using a third-party system to manage your programming.

You can schedule events as part of a series (such as a computer learning course) or as recurring, single instances. Our scheduling rules also support exceptions and skipped occurrences.

Registration form

And you can add a registration form to either a specific event or an entire series, all with easy drag-and-drop functionality directly within your site’s primary CMS. Our registration system supports automated wait lists and cancellations, along with e-mail notifications. Registration data is managed directly within the CMS, or can be exported to CSV format.

Featured reading lists

Reading lists

We integrate your website with Bibliocommons, Polaris, SirsiDynix or other catalog systems to make building reading lists as easy as using your book scanner to enter selections. Pull in data by UPC, ISBN, or Control Number and automatically link to the associated item in your catalog.

Our attractive reading list promotional element can be easily reused across your site or network of sites, on any number of pages, including ones devoted to book clubs.

Custom forms

Custom form drag and drop ordering

Our Custom Form Editor allows you to build custom contact and interaction forms, such as Suggest a Book. Your team can manage and export data and configure multiple e-mail recipients, all in a drag-and-drop interface.

Hours of operation

Hours of operation

Tired of manually editing your library’s hours? We’ve built a feature that lets you set a schedule – including regular hours, summer schedules and holidays – and then publish the information in an attractive layout that lets your patrons know exactly when you are open.

Site management features

Our sites are based on the eZ Platform CMS and offer intuitive content management tools. Librarians can quickly update content, add elements to pages, create image galleries, embed videos, and even create entirely new pages without needing to contact IT.

A granular user permissions system ensures that only the individuals and teams who are authorized to edit content and pages can do so. All content changes are saved in a version history, and you can preview changes before content goes live. We offer multi-language support, flexible taxonomy and tag management, and easy-to-create vanity URLs.

Features for library systems

We’ve built numerous features that specifically address the needs of library systems and consortia that share resources. These include:

  • Automated lists of member libraries or branches that can be managed centrally and automatically updated across the entire system.
  • Customized site-specific elements, such as Donate and Volunteer buttons, featured banner cards, and more.
  • A Theme Editor that allows individual sites to easily modify display options such as main colors and the colors assigned to each design element.
  • A detailed user permissions system that authorizes individual site managers to add pages and change elements on their individual home pages, all while maintaining control over system-wide resources and compliance issues.

Case study: Marigold Library System and Peace Library System

Their design team is fantastic and we couldn't be happier with the look and feel of our new sites.
Richard Kenig, IT Manager at Marigold Library System
Strathmore homepage

The Marigold and Peace Library Systems in Alberta, Canada, wanted to develop a scalable, customizable website platform for their more than 80 member branches.

Mugo Web worked closely with the Marigold and Peace teams to define and build site features that meet their need to have a centrally managed web platform that still allows local library staff to control their content and customize the appearance of their individual sites.

You can see the results here:

Mugo delivered a solution that empowers the library system to quickly create new branch sites with customized designs and domain names in a highly automated fashion. The sites integrate with the Polaris / Trac catalog system, Oracle Dyn DNS, and two external e-mail systems.

We also developed a design with an intuitive search feature and navigation that makes it easy for patrons to find digital resources and library services. And each branch can easily edit the color scheme and page elements of their individual sites to create a distinctive look.

You can read more about how we approached the Marigold and Peace libraries project on our blog. We’re happy with the results, and so is our client.

“Mugo has made the whole process of developing and switching to a new website platform simple and painless,” said Richard Kenig, IT Manager at Marigold Library System. “Their design team is fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of our new sites. I couldn’t recommend them more highly to anyone interested in a new or updated website platform.”

Meet Mugo Web

Mugo Web is a team of web development partners who believe that customer service is as important as code. Our solutions are customizable by you and us, and emphasize engaging website design and easy management of site content. We have more than a decade of experience and have already built numerous site features to meet the needs of librarians. We are in it for the long-haul, providing attentive training and support to help you get the most out of your website. We strive to develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships, supporting our clients’ goals with passion and commitment.

Let’s talk

We’d love to learn more about how we can help you build a better library website. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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What Our Clients Say

We have been using [Mugo] for editing, consulting, support and training services in North America for the last 3 years and we still do. Aleksander Farstad, CEO, eZ Systems

[Mugo has] the rare blend of business knowledge and deep technical expertise, and they excel at listening to business requirements and translating those requirements into intelligent and reliable software products. Graham Tillotson, Co-Founder, Tandem, Chicago

[Mugo is] able to work on all aspects of software solutions -- front end/UI, core code, modules and extensions, application integration, and infrastructure -- and they are extremely capable in all of those areas. Graham Tillotson, Co-Founder, Tandem, Chicago

I highly recommend Mugo to anyone in need of a competent and dependable technology partner. Graham Tillotson, Co-Founder, Tandem, Chicago

If you ask me what is the first thing you think of about the Mugo team, I would say that they listen. Daniel Iribarren, Tangerix

Mugo Web is not another service provider. One of the things I really like about [them] is that they care about my project and myself. That is why I call them my partners. Daniel Iribarren, Tangerix

Mugo Web is not just a group of geeks. They are a team of highly knowledgeable technology and business people. [They] will help you to use geek stuff to solve business problems. Daniel Iribarren, Tangerix

I have worked with more than 10 different production centers and what they delivered to me was geek stuff. Not business solutions. [Mugo] understands that they are helping you to design solutions to satisfy or solve business problems. Daniel Iribarren, Tangerix

[Mugo is] fast, efficient, and always helpful. They respond positively to questions and offer great solutions to technical problems. Susan Wright, Director of Operations, Toronto Arts Council and Foundation

We've been extremely pleased with the work Mugo has done for us. They have been responsive and understanding in dealing with the complexities of our needs. Wendy Prugh, Program Manager, The Christian Science Monitor

[Mugo] has demonstrated a high caliber of competency in the work they do, and it instills great confidence in us to know that we have such quality professionals in our corner. We certainly look forward to continuing this relationship! Wendy Prugh, Program Manager, The Christian Science Monitor

Thank you very much Mugo Web for the work you've done. You valued and respected our time, produced quality work, paid attention to detail and understood the JPLradio concept. For that, I/we thank you. Troy B. Williams, Founder & Program Director, Just Positive Lyrics Radio

We thoroughly enjoy our working relationship with Mugo Web. They are customer-focused, take the time to listen, give good solid advice with our best interests in mind, and have a quick turnaround time. Paul O'Sullivan, IT Specialist, New Society Publishers

From our first contact, the team at Mugo has shown an unprecedented level of commitment to our web projects... ending almost 4 years of struggling! They are fast, precise and thorough, and definitely stand out in the industry! Sébastien Michel, Director, Frogs-in-NZ

In the three months Mugo worked on our new version -- which had stalled with our previous developers -- we have made more progress than ever before. Sébastien Michel, Director, Frogs-in-NZ

Mugo Web's breadth of expertise, high quality of work, and insightful online business consulting help us to focus on providing reliable, balanced data and analysis that our readers have come to trust. Mike Boniello, Chief Operations Officer, Rasmussen Reports

In addition to the features that readers see, Mugo has made significant workflow and content structure improvements that have saved time for our editors who work within the content management system all day. Mike Boniello, Chief Operations Officer, Rasmussen Reports

[Mugo] has shown their expert knowledge of eZ Publish on large, high-traffice enterprise customers, and they are responsive and dedicated. Aleksander Farstad, CEO, eZ Systems

We recommend Mugo highly as an expert team with a remarkably strong commitment to building great projects that work. Craig Riggs, Project Lead, 49th Shelf

The Mugo team has always added considerable value in improving not only the back-end systems and server-side performance for the site but also in strengthening the user experience and usability. Craig Riggs, Project Lead, 49th Shelf

Mugo has consistently delivered beyond our already-high expectations. Craig Riggs, Project Lead, 49th Shelf

I've been working closely with Mugo over the past few years on a variety of projects. The reason I've come back to them again and again is because they are excellent to work with. Each time we had a new project we would talk in detail about the goals and workflow. Because we had discussed everything in detail up front, the trial versions of the programs were always already quite well developed even in early stages.

The Mugo team is always prompt with their replies to any query I might have, and quick to solve any issues that may arise.

I think we all agree that the experience has been excellent. I would not even consider hiring anyone else! Dr. Caroline Tyson, Emergency Physician,

I had the pleasure to work with Mugo Web back in 2014. They were exceptionally professional, patient and helpful as we tried to meander our way through a complex website rebuild with multiple stakeholders. They held our hand on technical issues, stepped up to the plate and got their hands dirty to get the work done and also knew when to step away to let us process when needed. They were a real joy for us to work with. Kate Chalmers, Director Marketing Operations, Hootsuite Media Inc

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